Hang Out for the Neurodiverse

What we do

Community Buddies (CB) is a culturally specific and evidence-based support program for individuals who are average to high functioning but encounter challenges in socializing, communication, and relationships. (Primary but not limited to the neurodiverse minds which don’t comfortably fit in a boring box!) We love to see our buddies become happier and healthier with our holistic care that foster emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. CB nurtures our participants’ sense of belonging with our inspiring and caring Helper Buddies. We also support the families and caregivers of these awesomely unique individuals. We welcome children aged 3 and up, adolescents and adults.

How we do it

Our Helper Buddies (staff and volunteers) walk alongside our Program Buddies (service users) with meaningful companionship and conversations. Our Helper Buddies validate and support our Program Buddies to identify, enhance, and utilize their strengths and talents.
With the encouragement and coaching of their Helper Buddies, our program buddies learn to overcome social challenges and loneliness. They learn communication and social skills in one-on-one or small group settings tailored to their preferences.

Empowered by newly acquired skills and growth, Program Buddies can re-engage with and contribute to their communities more effectively. We welcome our Program Buddies to give back and walk alongside others, moving onto becoming Helper Buddies. This is how the Community Buddies initiative is formed and thrives.

Likewise, we support the families and caregivers of our Program Buddies with compassion, understanding, resources, activities, and meaningful companionship. We care for their holistic wellbeing as well.
CB offers psycho-education on neurodiversity to reduce stigma and replace misperceptions with facts about neurodiverse individuals.

Our wish

We hope to do even more by seeking community support and government funding to develop our CB model and advocate for the implicit needs of the average to high function neurodiverse individuals in their communities. Our goal is to remove barriers related to socialization, race, language, and cultural differences.

If this is also your passion, please join us by participating as a volunteer or a community partner, by making a donation or sharing your expertise with CB. Please contact us to learn more about how we can create a better world for the unique individuals with diverse neurological abilities.