In-person Buddies:

Join us! Unique individuals who do not comfortably fit in a boring box.


  • Choice of one-on-one buddy or small group buddies who you can talk to and have fun with.
  • Brush up on our socializing and communication skills.
  • Custom made activities for children (3yr+), adolescents, and adults.


Let’s journey together, families and caregivers of these awesomely unique individuals.


  • Acquire resources and psycho-education.
  • Share parenting and self-care tips
  • Surround yourself with supportive companions.


Buddies’ hours: Wed 5-9pm & Sat 5-10pm (Please sign-up)
Location: Room E17, 201 Tempo Ave. Tor. (Victoria Park/North of McNicoll)
Language available: English, Cantonese, Mandarin


Contact us for enquiry or sign up.